Steve uses predominantly high carbon steels like w2 and 1084.  These are simple steels that heat treat very well and hold a good edge.  Handles are mostly either exotic hardwoods or stabilized woods.  All sheaths are hand made by Steve of vegetable tanned leather.  Metal furniture is either brass, copper, stainless or nickel silver.

Claudia uses a variety of quality create her jewelry some of which are:  soft soda lime glass, dichroic glass, glass powders, glass stringers, frits, sterling silver or gold filled beads, wire or chain, aluminum and copper sheet and wire, gold, silver or palladium leaf or foil, semi precious gems, found rocks, stones or shells, leather, nylon or rubber cording .

Tools and equipment for the creation process are:  fusing kiln, mapp gas, oxygen propane gas, an annealing lampworking kiln,  and tools galore.

Hello and welcome to our shop Beckwith Originals.  We used to be called Another Planet Glass for those who may remember us for our off-hand glassblowing art days but we are now in transition and creating new things.  What you will find here in our new shop is a mix and melding of different art forms.  Claudia's artisan jewelry is featured with her art to wear glass and metal jewelry that is fun, colorful and also beachy, and then to Steve's handcrafted knives which he makes start to finish and are functional and art at the same time.  This is a shop we refer to as  beads to blades or jewelry with the edge.  Hope you enjoy what we have to offer and the new journey that we took.

All of the glass beads created- fused or torched- have been properly kiln annealed and cleaned.